We are very excited that CEM has continued to grow as we ended our second quarter for fiscal year 2017 above last year. Liberty Blue had a very successful quarter achieving revenue growth of 58% worldwide. Congratulations to the Liberty Blue Team and the sales teams across the globe!

iWave, the new disruptive technology for microwave digestion, has been highly successful globally and has the ability to increase our share-of-market for the MARS 6. The new iPrep vessel was made possible by iWave technology and is the first new vessel developed in 15 years. It is the highest performance vessel available in the market today. We began shipment of the new vessel in April and have received outstanding reviews by our customers.

We are also pleased to announce that ORACLE was a winner of the Institute of Food Technologists 2017 Innovation Award. ORACLE and SMART 6 sales are gaining momentum and have some great opportunities in all major markets. We launched a major campaign including advertising in key publications and are working with major corporate accounts to stimulate growth.

Razor, CEM’s automated cleavage system for peptide synthesis, is now commercially available and receiving strong interest. Also, Liberty Pro is being finalized and should be commercially available by the end of the year.

The key goals for the coming quarters are:

  • Continue to expand SMART 6 market opportunities and fully capitalize on Oracle
  • Successfully launch iPrep
  • Fully commercialize Razor and Liberty Pro
  • Create new business area in Molecular Sample Preparation

Thanks to everyone that is a part of our global family for your continued outstanding efforts.  You are the key to making CEM a premier global scientific company.




Michael J. Collins

President & CEO