Self-tuning cavity for efficient and optimized heating.

As you look through your various options for a microwave synthesis system, I understand it can be difficult to make the best decision for your lab. To that end, I wanted to supply you with some information to consider and hopefully reveal why CEM is the best choice.

The first reason is the foundation of the Discover® SP:
the microwave cavity. 

The Discover SP system has a unique circular waveguide and self-tuning cavity for the most efficient power use of any system on the market. The circular waveguide allows for optimal energy absorption for the sample, providing safe, controlled heating you can depend on.

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Running several different types of reactions? The self-tuning cavity adjusts power output for the different chemical properties of each sample to deliver consistent results. Typically, polar solvents will require less energy to heat while non-polar solvents will require more. Competitor systems use a linear waveguide which results in inefficient heating and overexertion of the system’s magnetron.

The efficiency of the Discover SP waveguide and self-tuning cavity greatly extend the life of the magnetron. The magnetron only needs to use 300 W to reach the temperature and pressure maximums of the systems while competitor products must use considerably more power to achieve temperatures close to that of the Discover SP. Inefficient design and overworked magnetrons will require frequent costly repairs and downtime.

Non-Polar Sample

Less polar or non-ionic samples require more microwave power to achieve temperature. The Discover efficiently releases up to 300 W to optimally energize your sample.

Self-tuning Circular Waveguide

No matter the sample, Discover will adjust automatically to ensure your sample receives the maximum amount of microwave energy.

Polar Sample

More polar or more ionic samples do not require as much microwave energy. The reaction is able to pull the exact amount of microwave power required to safely and effectively heat to temperature.

We are there when you need us.

With 60 support staff spread throughout the US and Canada, there is never a time when we can’t help. From application notes available for download to technical  and application support via phone to a quick on-site visit when needed, assistance is always available.

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Hopefully this information has giving you something to think about as you consider which microwave reaction system to move forward with, and more importantly which company you want to work with in the years to come.

If you have any questions about CEM’s systems and how they compare to the competition, please let me know, I would be glad to help. Thank you again for your time, and for the opportunity to earn your business.


Sean Suggett


CEM Corporation | 3100 Smith Farm Road, Matthews, NC

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